Mind Care - Accueil

Human – inspirating – goal oriented

The global concept of MindCare : Human – Inspirating – Goal orientied

Mind Care - Global Concept

It’s you who plays the main role in this concept.

I welcome you in your actual situation and I’m on your side for a part on your own way. Whether it’s concerning your job, your private life, your student life or if it is in an entrepreneurial context.

I’m respecting your values, your rhythm and your goals.

« Mind » stands for spirit, intellect and soul. « Care » stands for attendance and my attitude of appreciation for my clients.

MindCare is an agreed and registered professional training institute under Luxembourgish law, so fees are deductable from your taxable income.


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Students & Youngster

You need support for school or in your job?
Would like to be « in a better mood »?
Or would you like to lose your stress facing
school tests?

Private Clients

Would you like to find back your
known strength? Or do you have to
re-orientate yourself in your job?
Need support in a challenging process
of change? Would like to improve
your communication with others?

Leaders/Organisations (B2B)

Looking for consulting in your company? Or
professional business training in conflict
management or sustainable management?
Or at first stress-management, burn-out
prevention, team-development ?
Would you like to stay yourself
“resilient in leadership”?