Leaders & Companies / Organisations

If you are a decider or a leader in a company or an institution….

  • and if, in respect for your staff and company, you would like to implement a management strategy which is sustainable in wellbeing and mental fitness at work (Sustainable leadership)
  • and if you would like to offer to your staff support in stress management and prevention from burn-out (Stress management compactly) (Burn-out-prevention)(Fit4Job: Strengthen the personal resilience)
  • and if you would like to optimize the performance in your team (Fit4team: being resilient in team), (Keeping goal oriented meetings), (Getting fit to talk in public)
  •  and if you wish to develop and optimize internal communication in your team (Respectful communication in business)
  •  and for yourself in your leader function you desire to stay resilient and in good health (Resilient in leadership)
  • or if you look for consulting and attendance in your company/institution....

If this offer meets your expectations,  please contact me by phone or mail. If you need a tailor made solution I propose you a program which is adapted to your structure. Let us find out your needs in a personal meeting in order to find the good solution which is corresponding to your requirements and your budget.

You will find detailed contents of the courses in one view under :

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