"You cannot stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf."

MindCare by Lilly Hoenck

MindCare by Lilly Hoenck

Mental strength is getting more and more a key competence, especially in turbulent times – and in every life situation. Having a positive-constructive attitude in life, even when we come to our own limits from time to time. With ourselves, in relationships and in leadership. We always have the necessity to accept reality as it is. And then – starting out of an attitude of confidence – to make the best of it!  This capacity is called RESILIENCE and can be learned and developed, lifelong. Going beyond ourselves to flourish, to grow and to thrive.  

So the focus in my trainings is lying on RESILIENCE and COMMUNICATION.


MindCare by Lilly Hoenck

RESILIENCE is the opposite of BURNOUT and describes the capacity to stay able to act in times of crisis. Managing it and getting out of it being stronger than before.  Learning to accept that flops and failure may be part of our life. And then get the emotional work done, so that a life in self-esteem and self-efficacy is the result of it. The key for your success and your life luck lies in you and in the development of your personality. In the way you change yourself the system around yourself will change. Whether you face life in knowing that you are the designer of your own way of life or whether you see yourself as a victim of the circumstances -  this makes the difference.
In this context MINDCARE means for me: to welcome you as my client in a regardful way and to work with you on your goals and according to your proper values. To give support and make you firm in the items which are important and meaningful to you. To integrate it in your proper life and to accompany you to find your own “surf mode” in the swell of life.


MindCare - Communication

COMMUNICATION is the alpha and omega in daily relationships. Nothing makes people more unhappy and more non performing than non-solved conflicts, whether it is in a business context or in private life. In the Non Violent Communication as by Dr. Marshall ROSENBERG one of the first rules according to this says “connection before correction”.  This means that the first step is to build up a respectful relationship between individuals. In the second step you work on the item of conflict. One of the key elements of resilience is the good relationship and the solidarity between individuals.
To know that there is a network of loyal people around you to give you constant support,  encourages and gives force in life. As a condition for this, we have to build up strong relationships and keep them alive. Being able to transform encounter into relationship. The easiest way to be successful in this is to have an estimative attitude in the contact with other people and the corresponding way of communication.
MINDCARE in COMMUNICATION means to me: you meet me as a trainer and coach who supports you to build up such relationships in order to find this estimating attitude if you choose so. And in the same time you get able to handle for your own concerns. And so you bring into cooperative and constructive communication what is meaningful to you.

My curriculum:


Banking expert with more than 30 years of experience in leading, organizational consulting, human resources, process and project management.
- So change management is very familiar to me.

qualification in
- humanistic psychology
- personality development
- psychotherapy
- hypnotherapy
- mindfulness & meditation
- emotional intelligence
- mental training
- mediation
- systemic consensing
- moderation
- non violent communication
- certified kids and youth coach IPE (institute for potential development) Germany

Founder of MindCare in 2012, offering training, coaching, consultance  and mediation to private clients and companies.
I’m surrounded by a network of competent trainers and coaches on who I can rely if
the situation and the setting is demanding for it.