Private Clients

YOU as an young person or a student  

  • would like to know new learning strategies & efficient tools?
  • would like to say good-bye to "black-out", stress and fear in times of tests?
  • would like to be „in a better mood“?
  • would like to know what is „your thing in school and job” ?

then please call me or write me an e-mail to fix an appointment. If we sympathy for each  each other and would like to work together, I would enjoy to accompany  you for a part of your way. Together we discover your capacities and talents and integrate them into your life.

Your investment in yourself will be invoiced in clock hours.

YOU as a private client/employee/leader


If you find yourself in a personal life situation, where you feel overwhelmed by all the challenges, it may help to ask for professional support. A coach can help you to see life from a different perspective, the coach can show possibilities of solutions.  The coach supports you to let go blocking incidents and beliefs. Together we can find out what makes really sense for you and what gives meaning to your personal life.

If this is talking to you, whether you

  • only feel stressed and mentally overloaded
  • job, kids and partnership do not have the  quality you wish for your life
  • would like to be well prepared for delicate conversations for all the participants‘ sake?
  • need a job coaching or find yourself in a change process
  • would like to live your potential instead of being bored out

then please contact me by  email to

If we like each other and if we are prepared to work together in a confident way, will  this be the best basis for a good cooperation.

You bear all the resources in you; together we bring them into the light. You keep the steering weel in your hand and you go your way in responsibility for yourself. I’m on your side as your coach and keep the compass.

Your investment in yourself will be invoiced in clock hours.